No.23 NeonBOX


  • PCB is programmable OpenRGB or VIA (require different firmware versions)

  • Type-C

  • PCB thickness: 1.6mm

  • Powered by Atmega32u4 MCU

  • Top-sided RGBs

  • ESD protection

  • PCB colour: Cold white


Please note that the PCB comes pre-flashed with the OpenRGB firmware, which allows for much more versatile customisations of the LEDs. Only refer to this guide if you need to reflash the firmware, or want to use the VIA firmware instead.

  • To put the PCB into DFU, press the reset button on the PCB

  • Downloads:

OPENRGB FIRMWARE (Right-click Raw and Save Link As) - Default firmware & highly recommended.

VIA FIRMWARE (Right-click Raw and Save Link As) - can adjust RGB effects but no separate LED control. Need to load the JSON file below to use with VIA Configurator.


  • Firmware Flashing Guide


  • Download and install OpenRGB HERE

  • Plug in the PCB

  • On the OpenRGB user interface, go to Settings/ OpenRGB QMK Protocol; click "Add" and enter the parameters as pictured (Name can be anything, but USB VID and USB PID need to be exactly the same as pictured); and click "Save".

  • Restart OpenRGB and the PCB should be listed in "Devices" tab (Device name is what you set previously). If you don't see the PCB listed, unplug and replug the cable and click "Rescan Devices". Enjoy customising your NeonBox RGBs to your liking.