Adelais en ciel Rev. 3

Technical Specifications

  • PCB is programmable with QMK and VIA

  • PCB thickness: 1.6mm

  • Connection: USB-C

  • Powered by APM32F103

  • Supported layout

  • RGB: Underglow and Per-key (separately configurable)

  • Solderable and Hotswap

  • ESD protection

  • Hardware reset: yes

firmware flashing

  • To put the PCB into DFU, hold ESC key then plug in the cable OR locate the reset button/ pads as picture

  • Firmware Download Link: REV. 3

  • Flashing Guide


The Adelais En Ciel (ANC) Rev. 3 supports configuration of Underglow RGB and Per-key RGB separately, which means you can set different RGB effects for the top and bottom sides of the PCB to your liking. On VIA:

  • For underglow RGB, simply go to LIGHTING tab and configure Brightness, Effect, Speed and Color from the sliders and dropdown lists.

  • For per-key RGB, go to KEYMAP/ CUSTOM, and map the specific RGB config keys to your board. These include:

Backlight Toggle: Turn RGB per-key backlight on/ off.

Backlight Effect: Change RGB backlight effect

Backlight Increase/ Decrease Speed: Adjust speed of backlight effect

Backlight Increase/ Decrease Saturation

Backlight Increase/ Decrease Val: Adjust RGB backlight brightness