HEX 4B Rev. 1


  • PCB is programmable with QMK and VIA

  • Designed for Hex 4B Custom Keyboard

  • PCB thickness: 1.6mm

  • Connection: USB Type-C

  • Powered by Atmega32A MCU

  • Supported layout

  • ESD protection

  • Hardware reset: yes

  • PCB colour: Matte black


  • To put the PCB into DFU, hold ESC key while plugging in the cable (please note that the hardware button only resets the PCB and does not put it into DFU)

  • Firmware download (Right click "Raw" and Save Link As)

  • Flashing guide


  • Hex 4B is a plateless (direct PCB-mounting) board so please make sure to use 5-pin switches for your build.

  • The two "holding" pins may be subjected to wear and tear after use, which may affect fit when mounted directly onto the PCB. It is recommended that you check your switches before building, and use fresh switches if possible.