Adelais standard Rev. 4 (APM32 MCU)

Technical Specifications

  • PCB is programmable with QMK and VIA

  • PCB thickness: 1.6mm

  • Connection: Mini USB and USB-C

  • Powered by APM32F103 MCU (ARM-Based). NOTE: starting from October 2021, all of our Adelais Standard Rev. 4 variants are equipped with this MCU.

  • Supported layout

  • Underglow RGB

  • In-switch backlight support: yes

  • ESD protection

  • Hardware reset: no

  • PCB colour: Matte Black / Blush Pink / Denim / Purple / Orange

firmware flashing

  • To put the PCB into DFU, hold ESC key while plugging in the cable.

  • Firmware download: LINK

  • Flashing Guide