Welcome to Mechlovin' Support Site. We build this with our fast-growing customer base in mind, providing a central hub for basic information and guides to our sizable product lineup. These include:

  • Technical specifications for each revision of our products

  • Download links for the latest firmware and tools

  • Basic instructions on flashing firmware and configuring the PCBs

  • Common issues and how to fix them

navigating the site

We make it easy for you by putting everything on the top menu, with the PCBs categorised by layout. If you're unfamiliar with what different keyboard layouts look like, HERE's a good place to start.

further support

Much as we try to make our products as close to being perfect as possible, there are sometimes minor caveats that may or may not affect user experience. We constantly listen to our customers' feedback and encourage open discussion which is key to improve our product and service offerings.

The best way to reach us is to join our Discord Server, and don't hesitate to send us a direct message. We can also be reached on Reddit or Instagram.