All Mechlovin' PCBs come pre-flashed with their respective QMK/VIA firmware, and of course, ready to use. To configure the keymap, you can either:

It shouldn't take much time to familiarise yourself with these tools, and we highly recommend seeing these tutorials:


For whatever reasons you need to reflash the firmware on your Mechlovin' PCBs, you will need:

  • QMK Toolbox. Download under the Assets section (.EXE for Windows; .PKG for MacOS)

  • The firmware file for your PCB. If you have trouble finding the required firmware on our Github, please refer to the dedicated support page for your PCB on this site. You can also find the firmware files on VIA Official Website, but note that they may not be the most updated ones. Please note that certain Mechlovin' PCBs have different revisions (the Adelais lineup for example), so make sure you have the correct firmware revision.

Again, there are excellent flashing tutorials already existing, and we'll just make fools of ourselves trying to do better. You can either read the QMK's Flashing Tutorial or watch the legendary Mechmerlin's video down below. If you are unsure of how to put your Mechlovin' PCB into DFU mode, we have more detailed instructions on their respective dedicated page on this site.