infinity 87.5


  • PCB is programmable with QMK and VIA

  • PCB thickness: 1.6mm and 1.2mm

  • Connection: Mini-USB or USB Type-C

  • Powered by Atmega32u4 MCU

  • Supports both F12 and F13 layouts

  • Supported layout

  • Underglow RGB and F-row RGB

  • ESD protection

  • Hardware reset: yes

  • PCB colour: Cold White (Type-C 1.6mm); Matte Black (Type-C 1.2mm); Purple (Mini-USB)


  • To put the PCB into DFU, hold ESC key then plug in the cable OR locating the reset button/ pads as picture

  • Firmware download: LINK (Right click "Raw" and "Save Link As")

  • Keymap file to use with VIA (please read the note below): LINK (Right click "Raw" and "Save Link As")

  • Flashing guide


  • As of 10 January 2022, the QMK pull request for the Infinity 87.5 firmware is still under review. The request was submitted in mid-November 2021 but we didn't take into account the holiday season so the approval process is taking longer than usual. To avoid traffic and off time around Chinese New Year (which is also a long holiday in Vietnam), we decided to still ship out the PCBs. They are FULLY FUNCTIONAL, come pre-loaded with the latest firmware, and are VIA programmable with the JSON keymap file (on VIA, choose File/ Import Keymap). Official QMK and VIA support will follow soon, and we'll keep you updated with the latest firmware if there need to be any changes.